Osnat Post

Architect & Head of Planning Team

Architect Osnat Post

Osnat Post, born and raised in Jerusalem, holds an M.A. degree in Architecture and Town Planning from the Technion – Israel Institute of Technology, Haifa. Between 1980-1993, she returned to Jerusalem to work with Architect Nachum Meltzer as a senior architect on various projects, such as the restoration of historic sites and buildings, planning of the new City Hall of Jerusalem, and developing plans for historic neighborhoods, such as Nahalat Shiva and Me’a Sha’arim.

As former City Engineer of Eilat (1993 -2000), Osnat oversaw the development and construction of a new neighborhood equal in size to the original town of Eilat, initiated and guided a Master Plan for the Eilat region, the development of the coastal strip and sustained development of the Red Sea waterfront, and was a member of the Sub-Committee for Regional Planning during the Israel-Jordan peace talks.

After a Sabbatical year in Boston, Osnat Post returned to Eilat as a self-employed Architect and Consultant.

From 2003-2009, Osnat moved back to Jerusalem to become Head of the Division of Planning and Deputy City Engineer of the Jerusalem Municipality. She was appointed as Acting City Engineer from February 2006 – September 2007. She supervised projects such as the Master plan for Conservation of the Old City and the Old City visual basin; conservation-oriented plans for Jerusalem neighborhoods: a plan for urban renewal in established neighborhoods, which included additional housing and improvement of the public realm; reduction in the disparity in infrastructure in East Jerusalem. She further promoted plans for new construction and improvement of existing neighborhoods, plans for the various City Centers in the Central, Northern and Eastern nuclei, as well as plans for metropolitan and neighborhood parks, and the establishment of a guidance policy outlining the principles for conservation and renovation. Since 2004, Osnat has coordinated with the UNESCO team an action plan for the safeguarding of the Old City of Jerusalem.

In 2009 Osnat moved to the USA, where she lives and works in Cape Cod, MA. She lectures on Jerusalem’s urban issues at universities, colleges and Jewish congregations. Osnat remains actively involved in all aspects of town planning in Jerusalem and in recent years, she has worked as a consultant for the master plan for the Western Wall Plaza. She further advises the International Peace and Cooperation Center (IPCC) on the development of new residential neighborhoods in East Jerusalem. She is a consultant for the Jerusalem Development Authority (JDA) on a Plan for Economic Development in East Jerusalem.

Since 2012, Osnat heads the planning team for Green Pilgrim Jerusalem, an initiative spearheaded by Deputy Mayor and Green Pilgrimage Network Ambassador, Naomi Tsur. Her main focus has been on the proposed project for the Kidron Valley: the planning of pilgrimage routes along the major heritage sites, development of initiatives that involve local residents, and expansion of its scope for partners and stakeholders.