Avner Goren

Coordinator of Israel section of Abraham Paths


Avner Goren is a renowned archeologist who advocates the importance of cultural heritage, environment, and humanism. He is an expert on cultural tourism and Bedouin and desert archeology and is involved with numerous organizations and educational institutions in Israel and abroad.
After studying Archeology and Jewish History at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, he has been working as an archeologist since the 1960’s, directing and participating in archeological excavations all over Israel and for 15 years served as Chief Archeologist in the Sinai Peninsula while it was under Israeli control. He is one of the founders of the Museum of Bedouin Culture in the Negev and the Society for the Protection of Nature in Israel. He trains tour guides, lectures at the Open University of Israel, and is an advisor for the Ministry of Tourism.
Avner was the protagonist in Bruce Feiler’s New York Times best selling non-fiction books, “WALKING THE BIBLE, ABRAHAM” and “WHERE GOD WAS BORN”.
Currently, Avner is Israel’s national director of the “Abraham’s Path Initiative”, an organization based in the Global Negotiation Project at the Harvard School of Law.
In the Kidron Valley Master Plan, Avner leads the heritage, culture, archaeology, history, pilgrimage and tourism development chapter.