Avner Haramati

Avner Haramati grey

A Social entrepreneur and an organizational psychologist.

Co-founder of `Oganim` (anchors) – a network that promotes organizational effectiveness through the promotion of profit, spirit and wellness at the same time. Specializes in working with large groups to promote life giving and short term systemic changes in organizations and communities, while bringing people and organizations to their full human and business potential and bringing all the dimensions of the system to a fruitful dialogue and action.
Works with businesses, communities, government agencies and municipalities.

As a social entrepreneur, one of the founders and former chairman of `Besod-Siach` (The Enigma of Dialogue), an NGO that promotes dialogue between groups in conflicts within the Israeli society.
The initiator and today chairman of “The Jerusalem Inter Cultural Center “an NGO that promotes equal and respectful co-living between the nations and the communities of Jerusalem.

As a combined effort of the business aspects and social entrepreneurship, promotes projects and businesses, together with Israeli, Palestinian and International partners in order to promote Jerusalem as an open, shared, equal and prosperous city.
Team member in the project that promotes Green Pilgrimage to Jerusalem.

12 Hovevei Zion Jerusalem,
054 4660635,