Deputy Mayor Naomi Tsur

Deputy Mayor & Green Pilgrimage Network Ambassador


After years of leadership in the environmental movement, heading the work of the Society for the Protection of Nature in Israel (SPNI), initiating and leading the Sustainable Jerusalem Coalition of social and environmental NGO’s in and around Jerusalem, Naomi Tsur took up office at the end of 2008, elected to the Jerusalem City Council and appointed Deputy Mayor of the City of Jerusalem, responsible for strategic planning, environment, historic conservation and public participation, as well as holding the Chair of the Healthy Cities’ and Arts & Sculpture Committees.

Before her term as Deputy Mayor, Naomi Tsur led many successful environmental campaigns, crowned by the fight to prevent urban sprawl into the Jerusalem Hills. After taking up office, she has led Jerusalem’s recycling revolution, integrating urban nature into planning major projects such as the Gazelle Valley Urban Nature Park and the Railway Park.

Inaugurated as Green Pilgrimage Network Ambassador in Assisi, Italy, in November 2011, Naomi Tsur stands at the helm of the Green Pilgrim Jerusalem team and will launch the Israeli Chapter of the Network during the upcoming Symposium in April 2013.