Dr. Laurence Brahm

Himalayan Consensus

Dr. Laurence Brahm, Himalayan Consensus


DATE OF BIRTH: 31 March, 1961


SEX: Male

OTHER TRAINING: Juris Doctor, University of Hawaii School of Law; Masters in Law, University of Hong Kong Faculty of Law; Masters in Asian Politics, University of Hawaii Center for Asian and Pacific Studies; Chinese University of Hong Kong, Studies in Political Science; Nankai University, Tianjin, Mandarin Language Studies; Bachelor of Arts Degree in Political Science, Duke University.

PROFICIENCY: English: Fluent Mandarin: Fluent
Cantonese: Good Tibetan: Basic
Vietnamese: Basic Understanding

RECOGNITIONS: East-West Center Visiting Fellow (2012), Member of the United Nations Theme Group on Poverty and Inequality (2009), 100 Opinion Leaders Advising Rio+20 (2011), Ten Individuals Contributing to China’s Opening and Reforms [only foreigner] (2008), UNDP Award for Bio-Diversity and Cultural Protection ion China presented by Jane Goodall at Phoenix Television and TJTV ceremony in Beijing.

Advisor to Tibet Autonomous Region (2003), Advisor State Council Office on Reforms of Economic Systems on State-owned Enterprise Reforms in China (1997-1998), Advisor to China State Council News and Information Office on Media Reforms (1998-2005), Advisor to Office of Prime Minister of Mongolia (1997), Advisor to the State Bank of Vietnam (1991-1995), Advisor to Central Bank of Laos (1990-1992), Cambodia Central Bank (1991).
ASSOCIATIONS: East-West Center Alumni, United Nations Global Compact, Hong Kong Foreign Correspondent Club, Hawaii Bar Association, Asian-Pacific Lawyers Association


2011-Present: Founding Member, African Consensus Movement,
a civil society network in Africa that drafted the African Consensus Declaration adopted by the African Commission for Human and People’s Rights in Gambia on 28 April 2011; and hosting side event at UNFCC COP 17 for building consensus between China, India, Brazil and African negotiators

2005 – Now Founder, Himalayan Consensus Institute (www.himalayanconsensus.org)
NGO dedicated to action for ethnic diversity and cultural sustainable development, that pioneered the Himalayan Consensus paradigm for economic development.

2005-Present Founder of Shambhala Serai Group (www.shambhalaserai.com) established one of Tibet’s first social enterprises consisting of three heritage/eco-tourism hotels (and a fourth currently under development) involving comprehensive restoration of ancient structures and protection of sacred areas in high bio-diversity regions. The hotels support medical clinics, workshops for the disabled and Tibet’s first welfare Montessori school. The sustainable social enterprise has also supported over two thousand eye operations for blind in nomadic regions of Tibet. The projects focus on empowering marginalized with skills and protection of local heritage. The projects employ entirely local Tibetans of which 95% are women, 50% disabled, and almost none has higher than a 5th grade education. The operation also has supported establishment of the NGO Himalayan Consensus Institute

1999 – Present Red Capital Heritage Protection (www.redcapitalclub.com)
Founder of the first social enterprise in Beijing to protect local hutong and courtyard architectural heritage involving restoration of courtyard homes turning them into sustainable businesses as restaurants and hotels which has led to comprehensive government lobbying to protect a key historic neighborhood in Beijing obtaining Beijing People’s Congress Heritage Protection Order for the Dongsi neighborhood, and pioneering Beijing’s first eco-tourism lodge and establishment of a nature reserve at the Great Wall.

CRISIS MEDIATION: Has served as intermediary and liaison in mediating crisis situations: Dalai Lama and Beijing (2004-2005) resuscitated negotiations after lapse and (2008) brokered Shenzhen talks and confidence building for July summer talks after Tibetan riots; Taiwan Straits, pre-negotiated direct flights between Beijing and Taipei for Chinese New Year 2005); Nepal peace process (2007-2008) intermediary between Nepal’s Maoists in discussions with Beijing and international community; settled largest historic technology transfer dispute between USA and China the Kodak-Xiamen Fuda dispute (1992).
2002 – 2008 Independent Documentary Film Director
In 2002 produced “China After WTO” (11 episodes) for CCTV9 and “Searching for Shangri-la” (Documentary Movie) filmed in Tibet.
“Shambhala Sutra” documentary-fiction movie aired at Al Jazeera Film Festival (2008);
“Searching for Shangri-la” (2003) is the first cross media production in China consisting of television series, documentary film, music CD, DVD, and print media, aired at Santa Fe Film Festival;
Co-Director on China Right Now “30 Years of Opening and Reform” won Golden Mike Award from China Broadcasting and Film Association

1993 – 1999 Naga Group Limited, Beijing, China
Managing Director of consulting group with offices in Beijing, Shanghai and Hong Kong: Acting General Manager / Chief Representative of Beijing Office. Acts as investment advisor to multi-national and domestic corporations re: investment planning, enterprise structuring, legal document preparation, enterprise management, policies, and approval procedures for enterprise establishment and restructuring. Has led numerous negotiation / implementation project teams involving government institutional relations in China.

1990 – 1992 Johnson, Stokes and Master (Law Firm)
CHINA, HONG KONG Director of JSM China Consultants Ltd.,
VIETNAM and Director of JSM IndoChina Consultant Ltd.

1987 – 1990 Denton, Hall, Burgin & Warrens (Law Firm);
CHINA, HONG KONG Director of China Department

1986 – 1987 Baker & Mckenzie (Law Firm);
CHINA, HONG KONG Staff Associate

1985 Paul, Weiss, Rifkind, Wharton, & Garrison


2002 – 2009 Weekly Opinion Columnist for “South China Morning Post”

2007-2008 Monthly Columnist with “ASIA REVIEW”

2009-Present Center for Strategic International Studies PacNet Contributor


2012: “The PEACEFUL REVOLUTION for a New Global Consensus”
(Currently being represented by agent)

2009: “Anti-Globalization Breakfast Club” (John Wiley & Sons)

2008: “Shambhala Series”: “Shambhala Sutra”, “Conversations with Sacred Mountains”, “Searching for Shangri-la” (Marshal Cavendish) (China Foreign Languages Press)
2003 “Searching for Shangri-la” (Higher Education Press)
“When Yes Means No” (Tuttle)
“Sun Tzu for Business” (Tuttle)

2002 “China Elements” (China Continental Press)
“Zhu Rongji – The Transformation of Modern China”
(John Wiley & Sons)

2001 “China’s Century” (John Wiley & Sons)

1998 “Re-engineering China” (Naga)
“Zhongnanhai” (Naga)
“Zhu Ge Liang’s Art of Crisis management for
China Joint Ventures” (Naga)

1997 “Red Capital” (Naga)
“Sun Tzu’s Art of Negotiating in China” (Naga)

1996 “Negotiating in China 36 Strategies”
“China As No. 1” (Butterworths)
“The Business guide to China” (Butterworths; co-author)
“The Laos Investment Guide” (FT Pitman; co-author)
“Banking and Finance in China” (Butterworths; co-author)

1995 “Negotiating in China” (Reed Publishing)
“China Inc.” (Butterworths)
“Vietnam: Banking and Finance” (Butterworths)

1994 “The China Forex Guide” (Longman; co-author)
“Intellectual Property & Technology Transfer in China”
“Intellectual Property & Technology Transfer in Vietnam”
“The Vietnam Customs Guide” (Longman)

1993 “Foreign Exchange controls in China: A Strategic
Guide for Corporate Survival” (Longman)

1992 “Banking and Finance in Indochina” (Simon & Schustor)
“Foreign Investment and Trade Law in Vietnam”
(Asia 2000)

1991 “Investment in the Lao PDR” (Longman)

1989 “Foreign Exchange Controls and Strategies for the PRC”

1988 “Intellectual Property Law in the PRC” (Longman)


2002 – Present “South China Morning Post”, Columnist
Editorial page, weekly “Black Cat – White Cat” column on China’s changing politics, economics and social issues.

1996 – 2000 “China Watcher”, Editor; published by Naga Group Ltd.
A daily executive briefing and analysis of PRC news
Relating to law, policy, foreign investment, business,
banking and finance.

1990 – 1992 “China Current Laws”, Editor; published by
Longman Asia
Quarterly journal containing English translations of
most recent Chinese laws and regulations
compiled, categorized, and accompanied by original
Chinese language text.

1987 – 1990 “China Trade Report”, Columnist; published by
Far Eastern Economic Review
Monthly column commenting on legal reforms and
legislative developments in China.

1987 – 1989 “China Law Review”, Editor; published by Denton,
Hall, Burgin & Warrens
Quarterly legal review providing summaries
and commentary on new Chinese laws and regulations.