Forsan Hussein

Chief Executive Officer The Jerusalem International YMCA

Director-General of Jerusalem International YMCA, Mr. Forsan

Forsan Hussein is a Palestinian-Israeli, born and raised in northern Israel and educated in the United States. Currently, Forsan is the Chief Executive Officer of the Jerusalem International YMCA, an institution that promotes harmony between Palestinians and Israelis and has been serving Jerusalem and the international community since its establishment in 1878. Since the age of 10, Forsan has been involved in various organizations that promote peace in the Middle East and foster cooperation, equality, and coexistence between Arabs and Jews, Palestinians and Israelis. As part of his social entrepreneurship efforts, Forsan has created several international peace organizations including Shalam, Peace Camp Canada, Friends of Shemesh, and MABAT, among others.
He worked for The Abraham Fund Initiatives for several years in various positions in New York.

Because of his contribution to coexistence in Israel, Forsan received a full scholarship to Brandeis University, where he studied Economics and Sociology and created his own major “Peacebuilding.” Forsan’s work has been covered by leading international media sources. Forsan is also an investment professional having worked as an investment consultant for Capital Group Companies in Los Angeles, and has gained experience in corporate restructuring for companies based in Israel and Egypt.

A member of the Academy of Achievement Summit and the USA Today 2000 All-USA College Academic Team, Forsan has a Masters degree in International Relations and International Economics from SAIS (The School of Advanced International Studies) of Johns Hopkins, and an MBA from Harvard Business School.