Hannah Weis


Hannah made a life-defining pilgrimage to Jerusalem from London, England at the tender age of fifteen, and since then she has never looked back, promptly immigrating upon completing high school.

Hannah holds a BA in English Literature from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, and was the 2010 recipient of the English Department’s prestigious Theodore A. Harris prize for Excellence in the Novel. Since graduating in 2011, Hannah worked for a year at a successful international translations company, where she created business proposals and responded to service tenders issued by UN agencies, government bodies and multinational corporations. From there she transitioned into the field of communications, performing a two-month internship at the Jerusalem offices of Finn Partners (formerly Ruder Finn), a leading international PR agency, before joining the Green Pilgrim Jerusalem Secretariat.

Hannah lives with her husband Dov, an accountant and all-round great guy, and her two children in the heart of Jerusalem. Each day she falls in love all over again with a different aspect of the city, and is caught breathless by its complex beauty. Hannah feels privileged to be involved in the Symposium’s production.