Judith Paull-Litoff

Artistic & Musical Director

Judith Litoff2

Judith Paull- Litoff was born in Windsor, England, in 1960. She is a graduate of Bath University, where she obtained her B.A. in music in 1981. She subsequently acquired a Post Graduate certificate in music education from The Institute of Education , London University (1981-1982), and became the musical director at Northbridge House Preparatory School, Hampstead, London, from 1982-1986. She obtained her M.A. in music education in 1994 at the Institute of Education, London University.

As director of the Opera Workshop for Children and Youth in Jerusalem since her aliyah in 1988, she has introduced hundreds of Jerusalem’s children and their families to the enchanted world of opera. Through her unique combined – arts programs with opera as the central force Judith has pioneered a new vision of music education for youth today. In 1992 the opera workshop became officially registered as The National Opera Theater for Children. The following year, 1993, a gala performance was held in The Gerard Behar Theater, Jerusalem, together with the conductor Ronnie Porat and the Yad Harif Orchestra.

In addition to her opera activities Paull-Litoff has composed three operas for children. Each was performed in Jerusalem and one, “Through Broken Light”, was presented as the subject of a documentary on Israel Television in 1991.

In 1995 Judith lectured “Music as an Integral Part of the Curriculum” for kindergarten teachers in the David Yellin Teacher’s Training College in Beit Ha Kerem, Jerusalem.

Judith teaches voice and piano, and was director of the music department at The Jerusalem American International School, JAIS, from 2000-2004

In 2004, Judith became the Music Coordinator for the music department at The Anglican International School in Jerusalem.