Keshab Bikram Khadka


Keshab Bikram Khadka
Date of Birth: 15 March 1962
Marital Status: Married

Qualification: B.Sc. (T.U. Nepal) D.N.Y.S. (New Delhi India)

Trainings: International training on Intensive Poultry Production (Israel)
Modern Broiler Breeder Management Course (Netherlands)
Modern Hatchery Management Course (Netherlands)
Corporatemanagement course in south Asia(Japan)

Others: – Attended various technical seminar and training in modern breeder management and business management in India, Thailand and Nepal. Skill in computer, (excel and word)

Social activity: Disciple of osho, Conducting OSHO meditation Camps in various part of Nepal and India .With Number of new seekers teaching them Noble eight fold Path of Gautam Buddha and Initiating them in Neo Sanyas movement of Osho,bringing them inpath of enlightenment. Sponsoring education for poor students on request. Helps poor people in self employment. Funding various cultures saving activity. Giving prizes to National Heroes, athletes and sportsman able to fame the name of country. Sponsoring a district level folk dance competition “Shree Daonne Osho Folk Dance Competition” since last Eight years.

Background: After education started with 500 commercial broiler chicken every two month batch in 1985 A.D. Gradually grownup to 2000 broiler in one year.

In 1986 started importing commercial Broiler Day old chicks from India and started to sell to local farmers, base of the future business.

In 1987 started blending compound poultry feeds in very small scale for own farm and for some of friend farmers. In short time able to became popular and compete with old established companies.
In 1988 started to import feed raw materials from India for own use and to sell it to other feed mills of the country.
In 1991 established Shree Daonne Feeds as a registered company a mile stone in development of Poultry industry in west part of Nepal. Then a time came when the growth of the organization was very fast and able to produce 3000 MT. of compound feeds per annum and importing 40000 day old commercial broiler chicks per week from India .Import was also 600 MT. per month of feed raw materials.

In 1997 established Shree Daonne Poultry Breeding Farm as a registered company pioneer in west of Nepal. Having its own 15000 Broiler Breeder Parents stock and producing up to 35000 Day Old commercial broiler chicks per week. Established itself as a leading producer in quality and quantity. Having Modern Housing and management system.

A company Annapurna Agro Industries has been formed and started production in the First week of December 2007,and was chairperson of that company till 2009.In 2010 restablished Shree Daonne feeds in siddharthanagar with a complete turnkey project from muyang china Biggest till now in the country having capacity of 240 TPD pellet feed. Providing employment for 70 persons directly and more as part of business from mealers ,farmers to vendors.It is fulfilling the growing demand of pellet poultry and cattle feed in whole western part of Nepal.Now going to have modern grain storage system from USA of three silo opf 3700 mt each,again only one and biggest in western part and third in whole country.

Attachments: Former Executive member of Siddharthanagar chamber of commerce and industries.
Former Central committee member of Nepal feed industries Association.
Former Central Committee member of Nepal hatchery Industries Association.
Former President of District committee of Nepal Hatchery Industries Association.
Special Member of Shree Daonne Temple holy Area development board

Travel: India, Thailand, Singapore, Israel, the Netherlands, Germany, France, Belgium, China, Hong Kong, Australia , united kingdom, Japan, Canada and USA.