Meytal Rachmin


Meytal Rachmin – A World Music Ensamble
Meytal Rachmin, a local artist and singer, whose active in the last few years in the world music scene in Israel, begins with an original, breathtaking musical performance.
Accompanied by an exquisite ensemble of musicians, she brings to the audience the pleasure of creating- an exciting and intriguing combination of multicultural ethnic worlds with the power of the place which is here – Jerusalem.
The members of the ensemble meet on the thoroughfare of creation, and when the roads combine, the result is magical:
A rich, wonderful journey which leaves no heart still.
Tomer Elmalah – Guitar
Liron (Lipy) Komash – Accordion
Dolev Solomon -bass
Ivan Ceresnjes -Percussion
Meytal Rachmin – Singing & Saz

about us:

Tomer Elmalah, Guitar – holding a degree and a graduate of Musicology -The Music Academy in Jerusalem. Tomer fell in love with Flamenco when travelling to Spain on one of his spring breaks and has studied there for a few years as a result. Today, he plays with the leading Flamenco musicians in Israel such as Yehuda Shuki Shuiki and the dancers Karen & Avner Pesach (‘Remangar’).

Liron (Lipy) Komash, Accordion- Balkan&kleizmer street Music&Theater performer. from the age of 7 studied at the conservatorium of the music accademy in jerusalem classic piano. as an adult, she travelled in Eurupe looking after the roots of the Accordion, in places as Italy, Macedonia, Bulgaria & Turkey. Today Performed with the guitar player Shlomi Mor (‘SumSum Band’) and others.

Dolev Solomon, Bass – Bass guitar and Contrabass- graduate of the Music Academy in Jerusalem. His work focuses on Jaz, Latin Music & World Music. Was part of the Emile Aybinder orchestra, Zohar Cahila Latin Jaz Band, Judie Luis Ensemble and Morin Nehedar.

Ivan Ceresnjes,Percussion – Was born in Bosnia of the Balkan and exposed from a very early age to Balkan Music and rhythm. Worked and preformed with the Balkan Masters of Israel: Koby Hagoel and Zohar Presko. Today is performing in the “from Spain and back” and in the ‘Persian Orchestra of Jerusalem’ with the famous conductor Kihean Neman.

Meytal Rachmin, Singing & Saz – studied music technique of Saz (Baglama) with Mark Eliyahu at The center of Eastern Music in Jerusalem and continued with Yohay Budy-Barak(Diwan Saz), Eliyahu Digmi. While serching her voccal style studied with the vocal artist Ruth Vider- Magens , Turkish Singing- with the wonderful Hadass Pel-Yarden and Hindu singing with the Master Liora Yitzhak. Today – Voccalist at the Afro-Jaz band ‘J’ali Ensamble’, ‘terra Rosa’ etc’.

Many World’s – One Powerful Spirit