The idea is at once both grand and simple, since while there is nothing new in pilgrimage, the idea of a global pilgrim partnership is an entirely new concept, which sets goals for urban sustainability and economic growth on the one hand, and for interfaith dialogue on the other.
Naomi Tsur
Deputy Mayor, City of Jerusalem
Green Pilgrimage Network Ambassador
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If you would like to share best practices from your city, community or pilgrim site, kindly submit your details and an abstract of no more than 150 words on your chosen theme to the Symposium Secretariat & Producer,
Fiona Kanter.
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Who Should Attend?

The Symposium will be of interest to environmental activists and professionals, faith leaders, faith-based communities, non-profit organizations, academics, elected officials and tourism and hospitality industry entrepreneurs.
The unique cross-disciplinary approach adopted by the Green Pilgrimage Network will enable us to learn best practices from historical pilgrim cities and sites all around the world, where the need for sustainable urban development and accessibility are recognized as integral parts of the pilgrim ethic.