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Green Pilgrimage is a new concept and entity which needs its own distinct, visual identity that represents its unique mix of values, purpose, philosophy, objectives, and activities. It must speak at multiple levels and send a message on multiple platforms: from the niche, academic and “trade” levels, to the universal, popular level.

In creating this logo our objectives were:

  • To drive an energetic, fresh campaign.
  • To turn heads and draw attention to our cause.


Green Pilgrim Jerusalem – Noun, verb or call to action?
Green Pilgrim Jerusalem – separate words or a singular entity?
Green Pilgrim Jerusalem presents both on a tangible, physical level, and at an intangible level which associates with elusive ideas and evokes emotions.


Celebrate and experience the beautification of today’s Jerusalem.
Jerusalem– the physical and spiritual destination for pilgrims for thousands of years- is unique in time and space.

21st Century Jerusalem appreciates our Divine inheritance, accepts our responsibility to evolve it as we would wish to find it, and has undertaken to be a green and sustainable city – environmentally, economically, socially.

Experience the renewal and the beautification of this multi-dimensional, multi-sensory City.

Celebrate and experience OUR Jerusalem-
share the equitable sharing of the public domain by people of all faiths.

Jerusalem has Pilgrim appeal.
Surely Jerusalem is the source and the home of the ULTIMATE soul, mind, body experience, offering the traveler many Heavens and one earth!

Jerusalem harnesses

  • the magic of the ancient and the divine
  • the narrative and the practices of sustainability and accessibility
  • pioneering technologies and infrastructure innovations
  • values which are rooted in ancient theologies



To present our iconic proposition in the international language and narrative of western, aspirational, digital, consumer society.

To create a fresh, attractive, international brand, capitalising upon contemporary brand values; designed for digital and international social communications and networking, and to be used as a kitemark.
Positive. Happening. “Creative energy”. Yet ….timeless and classical.

The Background:
Heaven on earth. An expression of the celestial.

“Jerusalem is the house of the one God, the capital of two peoples, the temple of three religions and she is the only city to exist twice – in Heaven and on earth.” Simon Sebag Montefiore, Jerusalem- The Biography, 2011

This is an elegant, contemporary, expression of the historical and heavenly associations inherent in “Jerusalem of Gold”.

The Colours:

“Green is the prime color of the world and that from which its loveliness arises.” Pedro Calderon de la Barca

Green is the gold of today and tomorrow.
Only by conserving and sustaining its majestic goldness could Jerusalem sequel into the green zone!
The very fact that Jerusalem of Gold is bold enough to “come out” as green is an expression and celebration of the contemporary beautification and conservation of its heritage and natural environment.

Jerusalem is evergreen- it will not evolve into autumnal shades because of the very policies and codes and innovations that Green Pilgrim Jerusalem champion.

The Font:
The “Green Pilgrim” font,(and the use of the word “City” in the strap line), suggest heritage and antiquity.

Font Colours:
A palette of crisp greens- exciting and fresh, and tinged with gold.

The use of light green in the word “Green” accentuates the properties of today’s “green” proposition

conservation environmental action beautification preservation nurture sustainability renewal bio-diversity wise stewards of creation green ethical standards

A darker green. Green is still integral to the word, but yet it is distinguished from the pure, light “green” proposition. The darkness suggests the mystical and the sacred.

“Green Pilgrim” sits comfortably on “JERUSALEM”:
The words do not encroach or impact upon the letters, just as the Green Pilgrim strives to leave a positive footprint on the City; respecting its ancient fragility and realizing their responsibility to leave it as beautiful and intact as they found it.

The exhilarated “Green Pilgrim” sits proudly atop Jerusalem, having made Aliyah l’Regel to the holy mountain and reached their destination.
Yet the joy was also in the journey.

Black. Capitalized, classic, universal font.
Reflecting the foremost propositions of Jerusalem

  • “…a theme, a fulcrum, a spine even, of world history…”
  • The confident, proud, relevant, iconic city of today.

  • “ Jerusalem as media “Holy city sacred to three religions” and twenty-four-hour-news show..” Simon Sebag Montefiore, Jerusalem- The Biography, 2011

    The Green Heart:

    The green heart celebrates Green Pilgrim Jerusalem principles and values.

    Jerusalem at the heart of the world, with a touch of yellow (gold) in the centre which implies the dimension of “Jerusalem of Gold”; the majesty and the pricelessness.

    Our heart celebrates the passion of the citizen and the visitor for the City.
    The timeless love that Jerusalem projects on its people, as manifest in its warm, golden light and constancy.

    Jerusalem, the love story, as expressed in Jewish sacred literature in the feminine – always a sensual, living woman and a beauty. Sometimes a wounded princess whose lovers have forsaken her.

    The constant beat of the heart – historically and in the energy and vibe of today’s Jerusalem. The very survival of our City.

    Our Green Pilgrim Jerusalem heart is a simple, strong, recognizable identity for use across all platforms.

    Jerusalem Clover Map:

    The iconic Jerusalem Clover Map positions Jerusalem at the center of the world, the confluence of three faiths; yet is devoid of the symbolism of any particular one of these faiths. The meeting places of faiths and, ultimately, of God and man.

    It also celebrates Green Pilgrim Jerusalem as an integral part to an international movement.

    “Join the “world club” of pilgrim cities and sites, learn and share best practices and be part of potentially the biggest civil society movement in protecting the natural world – leaving a positive footprint.

    It’s an idea is at once both grand and simple – there is nothing new in pilgrimage, but a global pilgrim partnership is entirely new. It sets goals for urban sustainability on one hand – and interfaith dialogue on the other.”

    Naomi Tsur -Deputy Mayor of Jerusalem, Planning, Environment & Historic Conservation Ambassador, Green Pilgrimage Network

    Our Strapline:


    • Openness
    • Understanding
    • Respect

    The City is accessible to all faiths. There is equity in the public domain and mutual reverence; central values of Green Pilgrim Jerusalem.

    This strap line is specifically designed as a common denominator which pulls people across religions and societies.

    It is inviting. It asks questions but also confronts in a friendly way:
    “How do I love OUR City?”

    And it presents the solutions to this question:
    The individual, enterprise, municipality or movement becomes a custodian of the City- “OUR City”.
    The “LOVE OUR CITY” proposition is at once

    • an inviting gesture of welcome to Jerusalem for the pilgrim
    • a celebration of Jerusalem’s timelessness and renewal
    • a green, civil pride, call-to-action for the citizen of Jerusalem
    • a positive statement of their desire, and a challenge, to spearhead change through their green contribution.

    Round Stamp Design:

    Adds value and stands alone.
    Positions and defines OUR: Openness Understanding Respect as a core value.

    A symbol of Green Pilgrim Jerusalem principles. By buying into, and signing up for, Green Pilgrim Jerusalem principles and codes, the individual, enterprise, municipality or movement becomes a custodian of the City and earns their “Green Pilgrim Jerusalem” hallmark.

    The “compass” style lines add an interesting visual element that supports the message of Jerusalem
    as the centre of the world.

    Green Pilgrim Jerusalem Brand & Design:

    Madelaine Black, Director of Brand, Marketing and Communications
    Annie Selby ,Design & Branding Agency