Other Cities in the Green Pilgrimage Network

Green Pilgrim Netwrok Cities

What would your pilgrim city be like if it were a sustainable pilgrim city? ARC

These are the founder members of the Green Pilgrimage Network, launched at the Sacred Land Celebration in Assisi, Italy, in November 2011 when Deputy Mayor Naomi Tsur was inaugurated as Ambassador of the Green Pilgrimage Network.
  1. Jerusalem
    The City of Jerusalem, Israel
  2. Haifa
    Bahá’í World Centre
    The City of Haifa, Israel
  3. Armenia
    The Armenian Orthodox Church
    The City of Etchmiadzin, Armenia
  4. Assisi
    The Franciscan Order in Assisi
    The City of Assisi, Italy
  5. Egypt
    The Coptic Orthodox Church, Egypt
    St Pishoy Monastery, Egypt
  6. Albans
    St Albans Cathedral, Church of England
    The City and District of St Albans, England, UK
  7. Nidaros
    Nidaros Diocese, the Lutheran Church of Norway
    The National Pilgrimage Centre, Norway
    The City of Trondheim, Norway
  8. Luss-Parish
    Luss Parish Church of Scotland
    Luss, in the Loch Lomond and the Trossachs National Park, Scotland, UK
  9. Nigeria
    The Qadiriyyah Sufi Movement in Nigeria
    The Kano State Government and Kano Metropolitan Local Government Councils, Nigeria
  10. Shiromani
    The Shiromani Gurdwara Parbandhak Committee (SGPC), Amritsar, India
    The City of Amritsar, India
  11. Jinja
    Jinja Honcho, Japan
    The Association of Shinto Shrines, Japan
  12. Taoaist-Tempel
    Louguantai Taoist Temple and the China Taoist Association of Shaanxi
    The City of Louguan, People's Republic of China