Green Pilgrim Jerusalem Tour Day, 26th April


  • 1. Shabbat Of A Lifetime

    17.the shabbat of a lifetime copy Shabbat of a Lifetime invites you to experience Friday night prayers at the Western Wall followed by an authentic Shabbat dinner (Jewish Sabbath feast) in the heart of Jerusalem.
    Evening Program:
    Meet host before Shabbat and receive an “Introduction to Shabbat”
    Discover the Biblical significance of Jerusalem to the Jewish people and learn about the history and importance of the Western Wall.
    Experience the Western Wall on Friday night with time for reflection during the most special time of the week.
    Observe and understand the diversity of worshipers who gather at the Western Wall and learn about the unique prayers that welcome the Shabbat.
    Participate first-hand in a traditional Shabbat dinner with a family at their home while feasting on a variety of home-made cuisine from nine Jewish communities around the world.

    Day: Friday | Hour: TBD (around Hadlakat Nerot) | Duration: 4.5 Hrs approx.
    Capacity: 150 guests per Shabbat
    Costs: $55 / person | Refreshments: An authentic Friday night five-course home-cooked meal
    Meeting Point: TBD (Old City) | Maps: N/a
    Service Provider: Michelle Cohen
    Phone number for questions: Michelle Cohen (972) 52-641-3989
    Email for requests:
  • 2. The desert of the holy city kidron vally

    9. the desert of the holy city kidron vally copy A special tour on the dirt roads to the heart of the wilderness along the routes of the prophets, priests, hermits and pilgrims to the unique and breathtaking beauty of the desert.
    Please bring: light jacket, drinking water, hat, sunscreen lotion.

    Day: Friday | Hour: 08:00 | Duration: 5-6 Hrs | Accessibility: Easy walking
    Capacity: 25 participants minimum
    Costs: 290 NIS (or $82) / person | Refreshments: Light lunch hosted by Bedouins
    Meeting Point: YMCA | Transportation: A 4-wheel safari truck to the heart of the desert
    Service Provider: Avner Goren
  • 3. Connect the visitor, the holy site and the local communities

    Ein-Prat-Tour Pilgrimage to Jerusalem is not just a meeting with history, with the stones that reflect past events, but a direct encounter with the thousands of people who visit the holy sites every day, who pray and bless and cry in an attempt to link themselves with the transcendental via the city’s sites. The pilgrimage experience also brings the visitor into contact with the communities who inhabit the holy places, who administer them, who pray there daily, and who maintain the religious life of the city throughout the year. Pilgrimage to Jerusalem exposes the visitor to the vast diversity of religions, narratives and traditions that the city encapsulates.
    How can we connect the visitor, the holy site and the local communities in responsible tourism?
    A visit to the central sites of the Christian Quarter, the Patriarchates, monasteries and churches, guided by Hana Bendcowsky and Dr. Tina Blomquist from the Jerusalem Center for Jewish-Christian Relations (JCJCR). The tours will be conducted in English.

    Day: Friday, Apr. 26th | Hour: 10:00 | Duration: 3 Hrs
    Capacity: 15 participants minimum
    Costs: Free tour Meeting Point: Jaffa Gate |
    Service Provider: Jerusalem Center for Jewish-Christian Relations (JCJCR)
    Tour guide: Dr. Tina Blomquist
    Tour Registration:Hana Bendcowsky,, 054-2103314
  • 4. Ancient village in a new city; nature and development; a place for Christians, Muslims and Jews – all come together in the story of “Ein Kerem: the Spring of the Vineyard”

    21. 3Religions copy Bus tour to Ein Kerem, where we will meet the local activists who have taken over an ambitious task- to restore the old agricultural terraces of the Ein Kerem wadi, in the memory of a young boy who lost his life tragically. Since then, week after week, for 8 years now, they have been working, and have been able to transform the once-trash-filled ravine into a little piece of paradise, that hosts neighbours, schoolkids, visitors from outside the city and from all over the world. We will hear of the experience of trying to save a 3,000 year old heritage site from the 21st century development.

    Day: Friday | Hour: Tour begins at Ein Kerem at 9:00 AM. (Leaving at YMCA at 8:30 AM) | Duration: 3 Hrs
    Capacity: 10 participants minimum
    Costs: 40 NIS for transport / person | Refreshments:
    Meeting Point: YMCA at 8:30 or Ein Kerem at 9:00 | Maps: Yes
    Service Provider: Community Gardens of Jerusalem
    Tour guide: Guided by local activists and community gardens of Jerusalem staff.
  • 5. A dessert and lecture on Judaism and the environment

    A dessert and lecture on Judaism and the environment, hosted by either Ian and Rachel Pear or Shir Hadash community.

    Day: Friday | Hour: After dinner | Duration: ?
    Costs: Free | Refreshments: dessert
    Meeting Point: TBD |
    Service Provider: Either Ian and Rachel Pear or Shir Hadash
  • 6. Friday night dinner hospitality

    Guests will come to shul — we’d do a special Kabalat Shabbat davening to make it more lively than usual – and then families would take them home for dinner.

    Day: Friday | Hour: Following the evening Synagogue service | Duration: ?
    Costs: Free | Refreshments: Dinner
    Meeting Point: Shir Hadash Synagogue |
    Service Provider: Shir Hadash Community
  • 7. Green Map Tour (longer option)

    Gazelle Valley, Train Track Park, Bible Hill, City of David (Jerusalem Walls) National Park.

    Day: Friday | Hour: 8:00 am | Duration: 4 Hrs | Capacity: 20 people minimum
    Costs: 100 NIS/person | Refreshments:
    Meeting Point: YMCA |
    Service Provider: SPNI | Tour guide: SPNI guide
  • 8. Green Map Tour (shorter option)

    A walking tour of Bible Hill, the Rose Garden, Mishkenot Sha’ananim, and Train Tracks Park.

    Day: Friday | Hour: 10:00 am | Duration: 2 Hrs | Capacity: 20 people minimum
    Costs: 600-800 NIS/group | Refreshments:
    Meeting Point: YMCA |
    Service Provider: SPNI | Tour guide: SPNI guide