Healing and Peace Quilt

Healing and Peace Quilt

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In December 2011, The American Center in Jerusalem hosted over 60 Jewish, Christian, Muslim and Druze women to celebrate the tenth anniversary of Trust/Emun’s Women’s Interfaith Activities. Deputy Assistant Secretary Greta Holtz joined the circle of women who expressed their respect for each other and their hopes for the future.

TRUST-Emun, a Jerusalem-based NGO offering an alternative to conflict and violence, builds mutual trust and understanding through unique person-to-person programs and activities, enabling women to develop skills to learn about others as a basis for changing perceptions and behavior, while simultaneously strengthening their own identity. They bridge gaps that divide communities and work within communities for peace in Israel and the region.

As a strong adjunct to the event, the American Center exhibited the Palestinian-Israeli “Healing and Peace Quilt,” created by 72 Jewish, Christian and Muslim women, who realized a vision to embrace life and to work together to create a space for peace. Their embroidered or painted quilt pieces represent each woman’s voice — a project still open for new pieces and new voices.

The “Healing and Peace Quilt” will be displayed at the Jerusalem International YMCA during the course of the Symposium and beyond.

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healing quilt intention (English)

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