Gazelle Valley


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Jerusalem residents enjoy the presence of a unique natural phenomenon right in the midst of the urban heartland. Trapped between busy roads, housing developments and a modern super-highway, a rich wildlife habitat flourishes with orchards planted on ancient terraces that still bear fruit. This 50 acre tract of undeveloped land in Southern Jerusalem is home to a small population of gazelles that sustain on the local natural resources.Threatened in the past by massive housing development plans, grassroots opposition initiated by residents of adjoining neighborhoods defeated these plans. In partnership with SPNI (the Society for the Protection of Nature in Israel), the Beracha Foundation, KKL-JNF (the Jewish National Fund), the Soreq Valley Drainage Authority and the Gazelle Valley Park Committee, the City of Jerusalem has approved the establishment of the Gazelle Valley Urban Nature Park to ensure the protection, restoration and efficient management of the site’s unique biodiversity.Recently, final approval was given for the statutory plan to preserve the valley as a natural heritage site, protecting it from any future construction. At this time detailed plans for the development of the valley as a nature park are being advanced. The Gazelle Valley Urban Nature Park will be the first urban nature wildlife park in Israel. Its success is critical to pave the way for numerous initiatives throughout the country, promoting urban nature as a resource for leisure, education, tourism, research and culture.

The Gazelle Valley Urban Nature Park- Introduction